Some plastic packaging has more parts than needed or some its components are too large


Some brands in supply chains offer products that are in oversized plastic packaging or has more parts than needed . If we look at the spray nozzle of a spray bottle from 1985 and compare it to the present one, we will notice that the volume and weight of the nozzle have tripled. Not because of its function, but to leave an impression.

We urge manufacturers, marketing agencies, and designers to abandon this practice due to the unnecessary increase of plastic in the environment.



Goran Juric art

While there is some possibility, however remote, that technology and restoration of natural ecosystems could remove CO2 from the atmosphere, there is no such analog for plastic. Virtually indestructible, it doesn’t disappear. The UN projects that the world’s population, now about 7.8 billion, will add about two billion more by 2050, primarily in Asia and Africa. Globally, the middle class is anticipated to expand by 400 million households by 2039—and that is where the plastics market growth will occur.